Neurosurgery is the surgical discipline focused on treating the central and peripheral nervous systems and spinal column diseases. This includes brain tumors, vascular anomalies in the brain, spinal tumors, spinal deformities and spinal degenerations.

Within our network we facilitate brain tumor surgery for adults as well as for children given the interdisciplinary approach in some specialized centers.

Germany has a very high density of neurosurgeons (comparable to the density in the USA, for instance) who provide superb treatment.

The Medicare Bangla German network includes a medical center that offers intraoperative MRI, enabling scans to be performed during brain surgery to improve the standard of treatment.

Communication language and culture

Our employees speak your language and are familiar with German culture. We take away cultural and linguistic barriers to ensure optimum communication.

Excellent support

Our support doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. We continue to assist you until you are safely home – and sometimes a little longer.